Japanese Food Culture

 Bringing Japanese Food Culture to India   
The Embassy of Japan in India hosts promotional events focused on Japanese food and sake, in order to raise awareness of Japanese food culture, “Washoku”, in India.


Click! Japan Photo Contest

An annual photo contest of Japanese landscapes and scenes is co-organized by the Embassy of Japan in India and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, which is supported by Canon India and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Delhi Office, to promote interest in Japan.

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2021-2022

   Calling for Entries
   Online Photo Exhibition

   Prize Ceremony

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2020

   Calling for Entries
   Online Exhibition 2020
   Online Prize Ceremony

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2019

   Calling for Entries
   Prize Ceremony

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2018

   Calling for Entries
   Prize Ceremony

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2017

   Calling for Entries
   Prize Ceremony

Click! Japan Photo Contest 2015

   Calling for Entries

Collection of Past Outstanding Works of the Click! Japan Photo Contest


Recommended Links

Japan Foundation New Delhi


Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

JNTO is involved in a broad range of activities, both domestically and worldwide, to encourage international tourists from all over the world to visit Japan.

Web Japan

Web Japan was launched with the aim of helping people around the world to get to know more about Japan and the Japanese. The site provides highly reliable information on Japan, across many different genres, including culture, sightseeing, society, history, and nature. The content is provided primarily in English, but a portion of the site is multilingual.

Study In JAPAN

This site is a government-approved information site for studying in Japan, operated by the Japan Student Services Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Japan International MANGA Award

The International MANGA Award is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan since 2007, for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through the MANGA culture, which is widely followed around the world.