Click! Japan Photo Contest Online Exhibition 2020



The Embassy of Japan in India and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, are pleased to present the Click! Japan Photo Contest Online Exhibition 2020, supported by JNTO and Canon.
It is very heartening that, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have received about 400 beautiful photos for the Click! Japan Photo Contest 2020, taken by Indian people who visited Japan between January 2019 and December 2020, showcasing their most memorable moments in Japan and what inspired/impressed/amazed them.
The photos selected for the Click! Japan Photo Contest Online Exhibition portray the myriad facets of Japan, ranging from beautiful scenery, traditional culture, to the latest technology, seen through the photographers' perspectives.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy viewing Japan's diverse characteristics, discover new aspects of common interest, and feel much closer towards Japan, through these photos.
We would like to express our profound gratitude to all the participants, as well as to the organizations that have extended their valuable support and cooperation in organizing this exhibition.
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita! Thank you very much, everybody!!
February 2021
Embassy of Japan, New Delhi
Japan Foundation, New Delhi

A Special Video of 50 Outstanding Works

At the beginning of the Online Exhibition, we will show a special video of 50 outstanding works. As we cannot hold the event in the gallery this year, we have made this video, which can be seen as if you are viewing the works at the gallery. Please enjoy watching it!!

10 Winners of the Photo Contest 2020

In this section, we will present the 10 Prize Winners of the Photo Contest. The various sights of Japan are captured in each photo, and each photo evokes the fascination of Japanese scenery and culture, and so on.
Now, it is time to meet the 10 Prize Winners one by one, and to feel the attractiveness of Japan.


"The Matsumoto Castle"
Siddhesh Dhotre


"Ethereal Light of the Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama"
Sachin Moolchand Gothi


"A mesmerizing real nature's painting"
Shiva Ji


"The Glow of Innocence"
Paras Mehendiratta (Rank: No.4)

"The kind of spa we all deserve"
Shailla Draboo (Rank: No.5)

"Odaiba Fireworks - Celebration with colourful lights in the sky"
Amarnath Kamath (Rank: No.6)

"Emblem of a Perfect Companionship"
Dr Shivaji Saha (Rank: No.7)

Shahansha Salim (Rank: No.8)

"Let it snow !!"
Deepal Yadav (Rank: No.9)

"Sand Art"
Vishal (Rank: No.10)

Other Outstanding Works in the Photo Contest 2020

The rest of the works are those that could not, regrettably, win prizes, but are just as wonderful as the prize-winning entries.
Since these works marvelously convey the attractiveness of Japan to everyone, we hope that through these photos, everyone will become more interested in Japan.
"Mt. Fuji The Giant"
Fajr Mohamed M N

"Sweets of Hard work"
Srijita Mahapatra

"Fuji san"
P Sai Rama Krishna

"Manekineko Lucky Charm"
Dheeraj Lal

"Sound of Summer"
Archana Bhoi

"Sakura at Indian Embassy in Tokyo"
Naveed Trumboo

"Souvenir of Peace at the Heart of Nakamise-Dori Shopping Street"
Kongkham Nepolean Singh

"Aesthetic Shirakawa-Go"
Sukumar Purohit

"Japanese Toys"
Dr K Venkata Tejaswi

"Tonkotsu Ramen"
Varun Behera

"Great Buddha of Kamakura!"
Ajinkya Raghunath Pednekar

"Mt. Fuji – A symbol of faith for all Japanese"
Amarnath Kamat

"Scenery in front of eyes = scenery at my feet"
Apoorva A. Agrawal

"Make a wish"
Archana Bhoi

Aravind Revi

Bhavya Thapa

"'The Great Wave' space suit"
Chaitanya Singh Kushwaha

"Light Festival"
Deeksha Mehta

"Stories of Love"
Dipta Suryya Mahanta

"Ninja Hattori"
Ekant Dhoot

"Cherry Blossom path"

"The earliest sun of the world"
Haobam Vaskeremba Singh

"Amazing Kanda Shrine"
Jai Agnihotri

"Love lock"
Janani Ramalingam

"Aoshima Island"
Dr K Venkata Tejaswi

"Green Nagasaki"
M Jangyukala

"Goddess Sarasvati in India, Benzaiten in Japan"
Manmeet Kaur

"Oishi Food"
Muskan Srivastava

"Vegan Sushi, can you believe it!"
Paridhi Jain

"The Planet of Life"
Sam Thomas

"Nara at twilight"
Shahansha Salim

"Tokyo Night Sky - A city which never sleeps"
Shailla Draboo

"Beauty of Mount Fuji"
Sharad Nagnath Korake

"The Shinkansen"
Siddhesh Dhotre

"Sake wall"
Srikanth Katta

"Majestic GIFU city"
Sukumar Purohit

"Peace Statue – a symbol of hope and memorial for peace"
Tongbram Biswajit Singh

"Shades of Nature (Kinkaku-ji Temple)"
Urvashi Kumari

"Distant skytree at dawn"
Vikas Kumar Jha

"The Glico Man"
Yukti Agarwal

Questionnaire for the Click! Japan Photo Contest Exhibition 2020

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Thank you, everyone, for visiting the Online Exhibition and watching the outstanding works of the year 2020!! Please visit this Exhibition again.