Regarding new entry of foreign nationals into Japan on and after October 11, 2022

Visa Information

- Now you can avail the information regarding visa 24x7 by calling JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE in English language only.
  Hotline number:+91-(0)008000502412

-It is now so much easier and faster - Getting a Japanese visa.

- Quick & Simple -Requires minimum 4 working days (excluding the day of application submission) to complete the visa process. -Easy to understand process of visa application (details are available on visa application centre's (VFS) website).
   Note: The Embassy will accept applications for diplomatic and official visa, and other cases which require special attention on humanitarian grounds.

- Relaxation Measures taken so far
  January 16, 2017: To enhance people to people exchanges, specifically for the young visitors, relaxation in visa requirements for Indian students
  January 1, 2019: Visa Relaxation for Nationals of India (Application Procedures for Multiple Visa for Nationals of India (includes for business purpose, and cultural or intellectual figures))

- Visa application centres (VAC) in 10 major cities across India

1.New Delhi, 2.Manipur, 3.Mumbai, 4.Pune, 5. Ahmedabad, 6.Goa, 7. Bengaluru, 8.Chennai, 9.Hyderabad, 10.Cochin

-Visit Japan Web

-Dear travellers to Japan. It is recommended to take out an overseas travel insurance.


Be aware of traffic rules in Japan (YouTube Video)

Be aware of fraudulent website, social media, emails in an attempt to extract payments from visa applicants