The Embassy of Japan in India and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, are pleased to present the Click! Japan Photo Contest 2021-2022 Online Exhibition, with the support of JNTO and Canon.
Despite the prevailing Covid-19 situation, we have received about 200 amazing photographs for the Click! Japan Photo Contest 2021-2022, captured by Indians who visited Japan between January 2019 and December 2021. These photos represent the most memorable moments from their trip to the country.
We sincerely wished to put on the “Click! Japan Photo Contest 2021-2022 Photo Exhibition” at the gallery in Japan Foundation. However, taking the Covid-19 protocols into account, we have decided to hold it virtually through an Online Exhibition, similar to the previous year.
The photos selected for the Exhibition portray the myriad facets of Japan, ranging from beautiful scenery to traditional culture, perceived through the eyes of the photographers. We sincerely hope these wonderful photos will get you immersed into the fascinating landscapes of Japan and its diverse beauty,   drawing you closer to the Land of the Rising Sun.
We would like to express our profound gratitude to all the participants, as well as to the organisations that have extended their valuable support and cooperation in organizing the Exhibition.
Arigato Gozaimasu!! Thank you very much, everyone!!

February 2022
Embassy of Japan, New Delhi
Japan Foundation, New Delhi

A Special Video of Outstanding Works

At the beginning of the Online Exhibition, we would like to present a special video. Get ready for an immersive experience as you virtually walk through an imaginary gallery that houses the outstanding works.
Let’s enjoy the video below!!


10 Prize Winners of the Photo Contest 2021-2022

We will present the 10 winning entries of the Photo Contest. We are sure that these mesmerising locations and moments captured in each photograph will make you want to visit Japan even more. One can never get enough of Japan; its aesthetic subtleties being valued worldwide.
Now, it is time to meet the 10 Prize Winners one-by-one, and discover their experience in Japan.




"Chuzen-Ji – Sea of Happiness"
Ankit Pahwa




"Jizo Statues with Sakura"
Gaurav Gupta



"Autumn Vibes: Yamadera"
Ayan Sengupta




 Rank: No.4

Aheli Roy


 Rank: No.5

"Welcome to Japan - Land of Serenity and Goodness"
Abbhiraj Singh


 Rank: No.6

"Hanami – Relishing Cherry blossoms"
Vijayendranath Sanampudi


 Rank: No.7

"Waving Flags"
Sourav Karmakar


 Rank: No.8

"Beauty and Resilience"
Mrunmai Soman


 Rank: No.9

"Reflections of Purity: From the Past to the Present"
Gitanjali Sinha Roy


 Rank: No.10

"Origami – Elegance in simplicity"
Naveed Trumboo

Outstanding Works of the Photo Contest 2021-2022

In this section, we will present the outstanding works that could not make it to the top ten, but are fantastic in their own right. Since these works aesthetically portray the enchanting beauty of Japan, we hope more and more people will get interested in Japan and its rich culture.


"Ecstatic Japanese Wedding Couple"
Santosh Jeevan

"A song of Ice and Fire"
Smriti Rao

Karthick Velu

"The stunning colors of Fall!"
Shailla Draboo

"Wishes and Fortunes"
Apra Jain

"Colours of White"
Shrija Srinivasan

"The clear wind blows it away"
Ramsharan Singh Sikarwar

"Life in tranquility"
Abhinav Yadav

"“Someity” my love for Tokyo"
Arishmita Sarmah

"BONSAI - The art of Patience & Perseverance"
Sumit Saurya

"Colors of Yoyogi Park"
Anju Singh

"Illumination Garden"
Anuapama Pandey

"Autumn Vibes Shinkyo Bridge"
Ayan Sengupta

"Fuji san rocking 'kasagumo cap' look"
Devanathan Sabarinathan

"Quaint streets of an world charm, Kyoto"
Ekta Raina

"Takachiho Gorge"
Gaurav Gupta

"Sunset, Enoshima"
Ghongade Neeraj Navnath

"Irrestible temptation"
Madhumita Mohapatra

"Wild Photography - Snow Monkey"
Vishal N Wadile

"Companion for life balanced on tracks"
Madhuri Pal

"Equestrian statue of Kusunoki Masashige outside the Imperial Palace Tokyo"
Mayadarshini Laishram

"The magnificent Kokura Castle"
Md. Zama Haider

"Mother Teresa: The Symbol of Love and Peace"
Muskan Srivastava

"Sakura Bloom"
Naveed Trumboo

"The Cape of Wonder"
Nishtha Monga

"A pre school in Nishikasai"
Raghav K Jha

"Primeval Maple Tree"
Rohit Divyesh M

"Divine Light of Hiroshima"
Sachin Gothi

"Tsutenkaku - Eiffel Tower of Osaka"
Santosh Jeevan

"Summer in Shirakawago"
Sartaj A Bhat

"Skyscrapper in Tokyo"
Saurabh Sandilya

"Tono Furusato village"
Sayali P Shetye

"Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto"
Shilpa Thakur

"Cultural fusion"
Shreyansh Tatiya

"The Sky (Line) is the limit"
Sridhar D Iyer

"Autumn Colours"
Srijita Mahapatra

"The Pine and the Sun"
Sumit Saurya

"A warm welcome"
Swarali S Sarpotdar

"Daruma san"

"Cherry Blossom - Sakura"
Vishal N Wadile


Questionnaire for the Click! Japan Photo Contest 2021-2022 Online Photo Exhibition

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Your responses and opinions are valuable and will help us shape our cultural events in the future.


Thank you everyone for visiting the Online Exhibition and watching the outstanding works!!
We will meet again next year with much more interesting photos and exciting prizes. Until then, keep clicking!!