Collection of Past Outstanding Works of the Click! Japan Photo Contest

This prestigious contest attracts entries from a wide cross-section of Japan lovers. From among nearly 500 entries, about 50 snaps are chosen for display at the gallery of the Japan Foundation New Delhi. The top 10 contestants are invited to attend the award ceremony at the Ambassador`s Residence, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi. Here are the top 10 winning photos from previous years. Please enjoy taking a look at some great works.

The 2019 Prize Winners

【The First Prize Winner】

“Bond of Love”
  Saurabh Chaudhry
【The Second Prize Winner】 

“Tokyo's Neon City - Shinjuku
Rishabh Kandari
 【The Third Prize Winner】

“Stunning Colours of Nature in Sakura”
Ajay Kumar Airan

【The Fourth and subsequent prize winners】

“Walk with Dignity”
Alistair D'souza

 “Aozora: Where tradition blends with modernity”
Mayur Shah 

“The five storied Pagoda”
Aishwariya Rathod

“Fujisawa Station”
Satyam Mohla

“Layer and Flavour of Japan”
Mayur Panchamia

“Osaka Night - Sakura”
Pradeep V Gandhi 

“Autumn Festival”
Imsurenla Longkumer

The 2018 Prize Winners

【The First Prize Winner】

“The sunset that tells story of 1000 years”
Amit K. Srivastava
【The Second Prize Winner】  

 “The Humble Station Master”
Gauri Talwar
【The Third Prize Winner】

Puneet K. Singh
【The Fourth and subsequent prize winners】

 “Monk style dinner at Koyasan” 
Deepak Gandotra
“The "oishii" means "tasty" food of Japan”
Anil K. Sharma  

“Small Buddhist Jizo (Bodhisattva) Statues”
Mithilesh K. Singh

“Colors of Japan”
Puneet Sihag
 “Do it Gundam style”
Shelly Airan

 “Amazed @ Mount Fuji !!” 
Rekha Jain

 “Fuji Shibazakura Garden” 
 K. Bidyarani Devi

The 2017 Prize Winners

【The First Prize Winner】

“Essence of Divine”
 Nisanshay Sardana
【The Second Prize Winner】 

“Its raining light”
Gurpreet Kaur
 【The Third Prize Winner】

“Multi Facets of Serenity”
Raguraman Vivekanandhan