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The Embassy of Japan, JICA Bhutan Office, and Japan Foundation New Delhi, jointly conduct the “JAPAN WEEK” in Bhutan annually, to further enhance and promote cultural exchanges between Japan and Bhutan, in cooperation with the Royal Government of Bhutan.

 JAPAN WEEKS in Bhutan 2018
 JAPAN WEEK 2017 in Bhutan
 Japan Week in Bhutan 2016
 Japan Week in Bhutan 2015

Anniversary Events

 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bhutan (2016)
 25th Anniversary of Japan-Bhutan Diplomatic Relations (2011)


 Japanese Government Scholarships

The purpose of the scholarship programs is to accept excellent human resources from foreign countries, including Bhutan, to Japan, as international students, to promote mutual understanding with foreign countries and to form human networks, to strengthen the educational and research abilities of Japanese universities, and to make international intellectual contributions.

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