Japan Month 2024

September-October 2024 has been designated as 'Japan Month' with the objective of advancing bilateral relations between India and Japan across multiple areas, including politics, security, economics and culture. Many events focusing on trade, investment, culture, people-to-people exchanges and other fields including seminars, symposia, exhibitions, etc., will be organized.

The Embassy extends invitations to companies and organizations to participate in the Japan Month. Kindly register in accordance with the guidelines below if you are interested in further deepening Japan-India relations. For details on application, please refer to the 'Participation Guidelines'.

Once the registration of an event is successfully completed, the Embassy will extend various supports including advertising the event through Embassy’s website and social media. For further details, please refer to the section ‘After registration.'

[Event Information]


[Participation Guidelines]


Kindly fill this form to register an event for the Japan Month by providing event description and other information. (Questions can also be submitted using this form).

Please review the following points before applying:

1. The event should contribute to the deepening of India-Japan relations. The events should primarily be held in September or October 2024*
 *Events scheduled before September 2024 or after October 2024 are also acceptable. 
  However, please apply as early as possible, at least one month prior to the event.

2. Events can be organized anywhere in India (events outside India are not eligible).

3. Application and registration is free.

4. You may apply even if a few details of your event are tentative. Further, please note that there is an internal review after the submission of the application (see 'After application' for details).

5. If you need to make any changes to the contents of an already submitted application, please indicate in the 'General Inquiry about Japan Month' section at the end of a new form, indicating that the current submission is an amendment to the previous application.

6. After the event, please complete the questionnaire. (Ex: the number of visitors to the event)
7. By submitting your application, you pledge to comply with the following:
(1) Not to implement any project that offends public order and morals.
(2) Not to implement any project that violates or may violate the laws and regulations of Japan or India.
(3) Not to implement any project that does not align with the goal of promoting friendly relations between Japan and India.
(4) Not to implement any project that aims to propagate a particular principle, political statement or religion.
(5) The applicant must not be an anti-social force and must not have any relationship with anti-social elements.

<After Application>

1. Once the application has been submitted, the Embassy of Japan will conduct an internal review before registration.
(1) The Embassy staff may contact the applicant to ask and confirm the purpose and details of the event. Tentative details about the event such as timing and content might also be considered for registration.
(2) The registration may be declined if the target audience of the event is extremely limited, if the content of the event is considered to be merely an advertisement for an individual company or in case the purpose or target of the event is unclear.
2. Once the internal review has been completed, the Embassy staff will contact the person in charge of the registered event by e-mail with the results of the review.
3. If you wish to make any amendments to your application after the internal review, please submit a new application form and indicate the same in the 'General Inquiry about Japan Month' section at the end of the application form, mentioning that “amendments have been made after the completion of the internal review.


[After Registration]

1. Once your project has been approved, the Embassy will send you the Japan Month logo by email along with the “Terms of Use.” The event organizers can use the logo on social media for advertising.

2.  The event outline will be posted on the Embassy of Japan's website and SNS accounts.


<Supports from the Embassy>

1. The Embassy will respond to requests for consultations regarding the implementation of the event.
2. The Embassy will extend its cooperation for the success of the event. For instance, it will ensure the attendance of either an official/s from our mission or request the Indian Government to send a high-level official to the event.
3. The Embassy will also assist you in selecting the venue for the event.
4. The Embassy will facilitate your communication with other companies and organizations for event collaborations.
5. Please note that the Embassy of Japan will not be able to provide any financial support or human resources, regardless of the nature of the event.