List of applications approved: “Program for the Supply Chain Resilience in the Indo-Pacific Region” - Six of the Eight approved projects are from India -

There are diverse risks associated with supply chain disruptions that companies are facing these days. In order to respond to such risks, supply chain visualization, data linkage and supply chain diversification using digital technology becomes paramount for companies to improve their business environment.
In this regard, eight projects (out of which six are from India) were selected by the Japanese Government on April 25, 2022 for the “Program for the Supply Chain Resilience in the Indo-Pacific Region,” based on the third supplementary budget of fiscal year 2021 (approx. 8.6 million USD) for which public applications were called until April 11, 2022. These projects will be implemented by March 2023.
The list of approved projects which will be conducted in India (six projects) is as follows. These projects will initially conduct a demonstration program to help Japanese companies visualize their supply chains, upgrade logistics, facilitate trade procedures and diversify their production bases.

Company Overview
ACSL Corporation Establish a master database of manufacturing components, which will enable access to information across manufacturing process so that the digitization of the drone manufacturing process can be promoted.
Sagri Co., Ltd. Reduce usage of chemical fertilizer, thereby reduce carbon emission in farmland through informatizing farmland and visualizing SC of chemical fertilizer with sateliate data and AI.
FUJIFILM Corporation Utilize/expand the cancer checkup facility in Bengaluru to provide affordable but Japanese-style quality medical checkup services to people from different backgrounds in order to create a market for medical checkups in India by establishing a medical checkup database.
Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd Promote the creation and operation of an end-to-end database for semi-conductor related products from suppliers to customers, identify key risks in real time, improve the speed of business decisions, including risk responses, and build a database that includes customers and suppliers.
Instalimb, Inc. Deploy 3D printed prosthetic foot software as SaaS in India.
Denso Corporation Conduct feasibility study of the cold chain marketplace, which will lead to the matching of shippers and logistics providers.
Japan and India have been working together to strengthen the supply chain resilience and India's industrial competitiveness. These projects can be instrumental in promoting such policy objectives between India and Japan.
The remaining two projects will be conducted in Australia. It is expected to strengthen supply chains in the Indo-Pacific region, to promote region-wide initiatives in collaboration with industry, government, and academia through various platforms including the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative which was launched by Japan, India and Australia in 2021.

Ref: Press Release from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japanese only)