A Tasting Tour with Japanese Sake and Food 2021

On 20th March, Ambassador Suzuki hosted "a Tasting Tour with Japanese Sake and Food 2021" at his residence garden, demonstrating the charms of Japanese Sake and Food to participants.
Tottori "Washu" Breweries Association (*1), Masuda Tokubee Shoten Co., Ltd. and RAD ELAN demonstrated their finest Sake (rice wine) to Indian connoisseurs at the Event.
Ms. Mika Eoka, Co-Founder of Sake Club India (*2), held a virtual live session from Japan, lecturing on the exquisite tastes of Sake. In this session, the participants learned how to taste Sake with various brewing methods such as "Ginjo", "Jummai", and the difference between fresh Sake and aged ones (*3).
Japanese cuisine was another highlight of the event. Japanese restaurants in Delhi NCR ("Manami" and "Yakitora," which are certified as "Japanese Food Supporters") provided an experience of Japanese food, matched with Sake. "Temari Sushi," a beautifully presented sushi in the shape of a traditional decorative ball ("temari") was served with fresh Japanese fish. The fish was served only two days after being caught in Japan through a newly established efficient supply chain system.
Participants also enjoyed "Kari Kari", a crunchy rice snack produced in India, which builds on a popular Japanese snack called "Kaki no Tane".
The Embassy of Japan in India will continue its efforts to broaden Japan-India friendship through the attraction of Japanese Sake and Food.

*1 Tottori "Washu" Breweries Association consists of Sake Breweries interested in exporting their product worldwide, in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
13 Breweries from Tottori "Washu" Breweries Association provided Sake.
Chiyomusubi Co., Ltd.(http://www.chiyomusubi.co.jp/index.html
Fukura-Shuzo Inc.(http://www.fukura-syuzou.com/html/information.html
Daisen Brewery Co., Ltd.(http://g-beer.jp/kumezakura/
Inata Co., Ltd.(https://www.inata.co.jp/
Yamane Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(https://hiokizakura.jp/
Ota Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(https://www.bentenmusume.com/
Nakagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(https://gohriki.com/company.html
Otani Brewing Co., Ltd.(https://takaisami.co.jp/
Oiwa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(http://syuhou-iwaizumi.jp/
Gensui Shuzo Co., Ltd.(http://www.gensui.jp/
Suwa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(http://suwaizumi.jp/corporate.html
Umetsu Shuzo Co., Ltd.(http://umetsu-sake.jp/profile.html
Nakai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.(https://www.yasionet.jp/


*2 Sake Club India is a community of Sake lovers. They are promoting interests in Sake in Indian communities.

*3 In the Lecture Session, 5 Breweries’ Sake were introduced
Nagai Sake Inc.(http://www.nagai-sake.co.jp/en/
NINKI Inc.(http://www.ninki.co.jp/
Kobe Shusinkan Breweries Ltd.(https://www.enjoyfukuju.com/
Muromachi Shuzo Co., Ltd.(http://sakuramuromachi.co.jp/
Kunimare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (http://kunimare-world.jp/