Signing Ceremony for the Conclusion of Joint Research in the field of Earthquake Disaster Prevention between Fujita Corporation and Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


On 7 November 2019, Signing Ceremony for the Conclusion of Joint Research in the field of Earthquake Disaster Prevention between Fujita Corporation and India Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R) was held at the Ambassador’s Residence, the Embassy of Japan, New Delhi.

Memorandum of Cooperation for the purpose of developing cooperation and promoting relations in the field of disaster risk reduction between Japan and India was signed in September 2017. Based on this MoC, “Indo-Japan Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction” has been held three times since March 2018, and had talks through various occasions. And accordingly, specific measures for public-private collaboration have been taken into consideration.

The above mentioned joint research is related to cooperation in the field of disaster prevention between Japanese Private Company (general construction company) and Indian national university, and originated from discussion at Indo-Japan Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction. Fujita participated in the Workshop as a member of the private enterprise group of the Japan Bosai Platform (JBP) and consulted with the people involved in the school's seismic engineering department to conduct joint research.

The outline of joint research is aimed at examining the basic design approach for implementing the seismic response control technologies in India which is frequently used in buildings in Japan. The ultimate goal is to implement this technology in the mid-to-high-rise RC buildings in India, improve its earthquake resistance and resilience, and contribute to the reduction of earthquake disaster and the sustainability of socio-economic activities.

The agreement between Fujita and IIT-R was signed by Mr. Yoshinori Kumita, Executive Director of Fujita Technology Center and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal, the Head of Department of Earthquake Engineering of IIT-R, and witnessed by Mr. Satoshi Suzuki, Ambassador-Designate of Japan to India, and Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Additional Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, India. Subsequently, the presentation about the outline of the joint research by Dr. Manish Shrikhande, Professor, Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT-R, and witnesses’ congratulatory speeches were conducted.

At the signing ceremony, executives from JICA India Office, Japan Bosai Platform, FICCI and Indian Association of Structural Engineers presented. Participants of the ceremony expressed their hope on future development of this joint research.