An Evening with Japanese Sake 2019

On 4 September, Ambassador Hiramatsu hosted "An Evening with Japanese Sake 2019" at his residence, to spread the charm of Japanese Sake among the food and beverage industry of India.
The Embassy of Japan in India is working to raise awareness of Japanese food and Sake (Rice Wine) in India, and this is the third edition of the event, following the previous ones held in 2017 and 2018.
We invited nine Sake breweries and ‘Miss SAKE 2019’, Miss Sae Haruta from Japan, and organized a Sake promotion event inviting the Indian hotel buyers and importers.
Names of the participating Sake Breweries are as below:
Sake brewers: 9 brewers and 1 brewer (only product exhibition)

1.         Katoukichibee Shouten (Fukui prefecture):
2.         Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries (Hyogo prefecture):
3.         Gassan Sake Brewery (Yamagata prefecture):
4.         Ozeki Corporation (Hyogo prefecture):
5.         Nagai Sake Inc. (Gunma prefecture):
6.         Ninki Inc. (Fukushima prefecture):
7.         Akita Seisyu Co. (Akita prefecture):
8.         Endo Syuzoujyo (Nagano prefecture):
9.         Muromachi Syuzo (Okayama prefecture):
10.       Miyazakihonten (Mie prefecture):
11. Belluna (Saitama prefecture):
12. Solid (Osaka prefecture):  

Airline companies:
13. JAL - Delhi Office
14. ANA - Delhi Office
Following organizations supported the event:
  1. Indian Heritage Hotels Association(IHHA):
  2. Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF):
  3. India-Japan Friendship Forum (IJFF)
  4. Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association
  5. Miss SAKE Association:
  6. Japan Awasake Association:
After Ambassador Hiramatsu's opening remarks, and speeches by Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur and Miss Sake 2019, Miss Sae Haruta, the Sake-tasting session followed. A business matching and a Sake lecture were also held between the sake brewers and Indian hotel buyers and importers, before the tasting session.
At this event, in addition to Japanese cuisine, a collaboration between Indian cuisine and Japanese Sake was proposed.
The Indian guests enjoyed tasting different assortments of Sake, such as, sparkling, ume-shu (plum sake), ko-chu (aged sake), and ginjo, that was served along with a variety of cuisine.

Ambassador Hiramatsu’s speech
Sake Brochure