Inauguration Ceremony of Construction of a Secondary School for Scheduled Tribe in Chandel, Manipur

The inauguration ceremony of “The Project for Construction of Secondary School for Scheduled Tribe in Manipur”, under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP), will be held on 6th August 2019, at Chandel, Manipur.

The ceremony will be attended by Mr.­­­­ L. Wolring, Chairman of Anallon Christian Development Committee, the recipient organization of this grant, Mr. Krishna Kumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Chandel District, Govt. of Manipur, Mr. Nabakumar Singh, Zonal Education Officer, Chandel District, and Mr. Kenko Sone, Minister-Economic in the Embassy of Japan in India.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project scheme was established in 1989 to meet the diverse basic human needs in developing countries. The Government of Japan has supported India in projects such as the construction of school buildings, vocational centers, and check dams, as well as provision of medical equipments.

This project, which amounts to a total of approximately 8.4 million Japanese Yen, supported the construction of a secondary school for approximately 250 scheduled tribe students in the area.

Anallon Christian Development Committee, the recipient organization of this project, established in 1975, has been providing quality education at affordable costs to the scheduled tribe students from 31 nearby villages. While a primary school was constructed in 2011 through the support of GGP, there were a lot of remaining issues, including the requirement of a new school building for secondary students, in terms of safety. As the existing school building made of bamboo and wood is fragile, the classes are often disturbed by sunlight, wind, rain, and noise, making it inappropriate for an ideal studying environment.
This project, through the construction of a secondary school, will enable the organization to provide a much safer and healthier educational environment to the approximately 250 scheduled tribe students, and to expand overall educational opportunities for them.

The Government of Japan hopes that this project will contribute to improving the quality of educational environment of the people in the project areas, and will further develop the friendly and cooperative relationship between Japan and India.