Donation Ceremony of Japanese Picture Book “Mottainai Grandma”

Ambassador Hiramatsu and Ms. Mariko Shinju, author of “Mottainai Grandma”, attended the Donation Ceremony of picture book "Mottainai Grandma", held at the Muni International School, New Delhi, on August 24 (Fri). The ceremony was conducted consequent to the decision by Mr. Tadahiko Ito, State Minister of the Environment of Japan, to donate the books to Indian schools, as Japan’s endeavor to contribute towards improving India's environment through the spread of environmental education, utilizing Japan's wonderful picture books.

Ambassador Hiramatsu delivered his remarks on the occasion, expressing gratitude to State Minister Ito. He also introduced the spirit of "Mottainai" in Japan, and considering its importance, re-iterated Japan’s intention to contribute in the environment and education field in India.

During this event, reading activities of the picture book "Mottainai Grandma" to students were also conducted, and each student was encouraged to act, based on the spirit of "Mottainai" in Japan.

Approximately 1,000 picture books are planned to be donated to schools in New Delhi, including the Muni International School.