Demonstration & Workshop of Japanese Tea Ceremony – Chanoyu

The Embassy of Japan organized Chanoyu (tea ceremony) demonstration and workshop on 27th and 28th November at Ambassador’s Residence. Ms. Soyu Sensui, tea master and the representative of the Association of Preservation of Traditional Japanese Chanoyu Culture and the members of the Association explained Chanoyu and demonstrated the procedures of serving Japanese matcha tea. During the workshop, participants tried to make matcha tea and serve it to others.

On 28th, participants were the student from 9th to 11th who study Japanese language or have experience of visiting Japan. They heard explanation about Japanese traditional tea ceremony, tried to make matcha tea and served it to their classmates. Most of them had the first experience of making match tea with tea whisk and enjoyed tea making and drinking matcha tea.

During demonstration, the meaning of four principles of the spirit of Chanoyu was explained. The four principles are Wa(harmony), Kei(respect), Sei(purity) and Jaku(tranquillity). At the same time, the tea master explained influence of Zen Buddhism and the meaning of each procedures of serving tea. This demonstration and workshop gave the participants a chance to know the spiritual aspect of the Japanese traditional culture. We hope this event contributed to the participants’ further understanding of Japanese traditional culture and the spirit.
Brochure of Tea Ceremony - Chanoyu