Promotional events for study/research in Japan, held in Delhi, Chennai, Mysuru and Bengaluru


The University of Tokyo India Office organized promotional events for study/research in Japan, in Delhi (1st-3rd), Chennai (4th-6th), Mysuru (8th-9th) and Bengaluru (10th-12th), this August. Many Japanese Universities and Governmental Agencies come to India to make presentations and individual consultations. Also, University representatives in India, as well as the Embassy/Consulate General staffs, took part in these events to provide various kinds of information to the Indian attendees, such as scholarships, entrance examinations and short-term invitation programs.

We will continue to make all efforts to increase the number of Indian students studying in Japan (currently standing at just around 900), and to enhance human-to-human exchanges between India and Japan.

1. At IIT Delhi, Ambassador Hiramatsu made a special lecture followed by interaction with the audience (Aug 1st). More than 100 students came to listen to his lecture and there were active discussions involving former Indian students who have been to Japan.

2. At Japan Foundation New Delhi office, there were individual counselling sessions by all the participating Universities. The event was held for two days and we had a total of more than 600 participants.

3. Some Universities sent Indian faculty to these events. Dr. Neelam, from the Graduate School of Agricultural & Life Sciences (GSALS), The University of Tokyo, was one of the exhibitors. She provided useful information to young Indian aspirants.

4. Prof. Yogesh K. Tyagi, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University was one of the chief guests for the events. Prof. Tyagi, who has been to The University of Tokyo as Research Fellow, gave his informative message to the participants (Aug 3rd).

5. At IIT Madras, there was a Seminar Program as well as Individual Counselling. More than 150 IIT students rushed to the venue and eagerly interacted with the University representatives (Aug 4th).

6. At Chennai, ABK-AOTS Dosokai (alumni association), one of the co-organizers, arranged an interaction session between Indian aspirants for study/research in Japan and Indian students currently studying in Japan, who provided practical advice to aspirants and appealed on the strong points of Japanese institutions (Aug 5th).

7. At Delhi and Chennai, the Robot Workshop produced by Learning System Co. Ltd. was one of the greatest attractions. Many students experienced some latest techniques of robotics in an enjoyable atmosphere (Aug 5th

8. At Mysuru University, there was an International Conference on Science and Technology, conducted by IJAA. Some University representatives and Embassy staff joined this opportunity to appeal on the strong points of study/research in Japan (Aug 8th & 9th).