The 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017

On June 4, 2017, the Inauguration Ceremony of the 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017 was held at the National Memorial Chorten in Thimphu. Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino attended the ceremony as the Guest of Honour at the invitation of the Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan, along with Mr. Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of the Government of Bhutan and Mrs. Hiramatsu.

Their Majesties the King and Queen of Bhutan, Their Majesties the Fourth King and Queen Mothers, the members of Royal Family, and Ministers and high dignitaries of Bhutan, also attended the ceremony.  Thereafter, all the dignitaries were taken around to observe the Indian Garden, Japanese Garden, and Thai Garden, in that order, which were designed on the premises of the National Memorial Chorten.

Entrance of the National Memorial Chorten, on June 4, 2017

National Memorial Chorten

His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen with HIH Princess Mako,
at the inauguration of the 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen with HIH Princess Mako, at the inauguration of
the 3rd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, Their Majesties Gyalyum Tshering
Yangdon, Gyalyum Dorji Wangmo, Gyalyum Tshering Pem and Gyalyum Sangay
Choden, with HIH Princess Mako

As the dignitaries walked along the Japanese Garden, Mr. Shigeji Nakada, a landscape designer from Ishikawa Town, Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, explained the style of the Japanese Garden (Japanese Rock Garden), and the concept of the garden, which is the outcome of collaboration between Japan and Bhutan.

It is an honour for us that His Majesty the King kindly granted us the opportunity to display his Bonsai trees on the occasion, which were presented by Mr. Masashi Hirao, a Bonsai Master dispatched from Japan last year on the occasion of the 2nd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2016.  The Bonsai provided by His Majesty added a touch of splendor to the garden and made it look even more bright and beautiful.

Japanese Garden

Bonsai display provided by His Majesty the King

Explanation by Mr. Shigeji Nakada

Ministers and dignitaries walking around the Japanese Garden

Lighting-up in the evening time at National Memorial Chorten


The Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition organized by The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests was started under the inspiration of His Majesty the King of Bhutan, as an exhibition on Horticulture. The exhibition this time, which dedicated to the late His Majesty The Third King, held at National Memorial Chorten, was inaugurated on June 4th, the same date of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen’s Birthday Anniversary, and opened for public from June 5 to June 11, 2017.