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Ministers. It was proposed that the working group be composed of full-time members from the following organizations:

Indian Side

● Ministry of External Affairs
● Ministry of Human Resource Development
● Ministry of Commerce and Industry (or Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council)
● University Grants Commission
● All India Council of Technical Education
● Central Board of Secondary Education
● Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in India
Japanese Side

● Embassy of Japan
● Japan Foundation
   Regular meetings of the group would be held at least quarterly, and the topics of discussion of such meetings would include identifying challenges and finding out possible solutions through monitoring he situation surrounding the promotion of Japanese language education in India. It is expected that the participants would make efforts to carry out the recommendations discussed during such joint group meetings.


   Ms. Ryoko Moriyama, renowned vocalist and songwriter from Japan, was in New Delhi to enthrall music lovers here with her excellent singing. As one of the star events of the ongoing ‘Japan Year in India’, the Ryoko Moriyama Concert was held on February 9 and 10, 2007, at the residence of H.E. Mr. Yasukuni Enoki, Ambassador of Japan to India.

   Ms. Moriyama was born in 1948 in Tokyo as the first daughter to Japan’s pioneer of jazz, Mr. Hisashi Moriyama, and since 1967 has been delighting audiences with her many songs. Having made her debut in singing with her self-penned song “Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai” (A Field Full of Love), this year marks the 40th year of her singing career.

   Her crystal clear voice and singing talent have made her one of the top-notch singers in Japan. In 2002, her “Satokibi Batake” was triple crowned at the 44th Annual Japan Record Awards, namely Gold Prize, Best Singer, and Best Lyricist categories. In 1998, she sang “Ashitakoso Kodomotachiga…”, the theme song of the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano at the opening ceremony, which was broadcast worldwide.

   At her first appearance in New Delhi, Ms. Moriyama was accompanied by famous Indian Sitar maestro Mr. Shubhendra Rao, and leading Tabla player Mr. Durjay Bhaumik, besides her regular band members, Mr. Isao Miyoshi on the Guitar and Mr. Makoto Aoyagi on the Piano.

   Mr. Shubhendra Rao is one of the foremost disciples of Pandit Ravi Shankar. From a young age, Mr. Rao showed a great talent for music. In 1987, he gave his first solo concert and since then, has gone on to establish himself as one of the leading instrumentalists. He has performed at some of the most prestigious venues of the world.

   Mr. Durjay Bhaumik comes from a family of musicians and has trained under the guidance of renowned Tabla players – Pt. Dulal Natta of Bengal, as well as Pt. V. Malviya of Delhi. He is now under the able tutelage of great Tabla maestro Pt.

Ms. Ryoko Moriyama in concert with Mr. Shubhendra Rao and Mr. Durjay Bhaumik

Suresh Talwalkar, and participates in prestigious music festivals in India and abroad.

   Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Enoki introduced Ms. Moriyama as a very famous and popular singer in Japan, with a melodious voice appealing to everyone across genders and generations.

   The concert began with a solo number by Ms. Moriyama called “Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai”, followed by “Green Green Grass of Home”, “Onnagokorowa…”, “Koinu No Waltz”, and “Sakura”. Thereafter, she introduced the Indian artists Mr. Shubhendra Rao and Mr. Durjay Bhaumik, who gave an inspired traditional Indian classical music performance on the Sitar and Tabla respectively. Ms. Moriyama expressed her happiness at the opportunity to make music with her Indian colleagues and performed a few more numbers in accompaniment to the Indian musicians. The invited guests highly enjoyed the concert and expressed their appreciation by frequently applauding in between the songs. The evening ended with presentation of bouquets to all the artists by Mrs. Michiko Enoki, wife of Ambassador Enoki.