60th anniversary

60th Anniversary Celebrations:
Matsuri - Japanese Style Festival
to promote Japanese Sake, Shochu and Japanese Cuisine

at the Residence of the Ambassador of Japan

March 30, 2012

The Embassy of Japan in India, as one of the events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Japan-India diplomatic relations held Matsuri – Japanese Style Festival to promote Sake (Japanese Rice Wine), Shochu (Japanese Spirits) and Cuisine. Sake breweries of four Prefectures, including the stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster that hit Japan on 11 Marh, 2011, namely, Daishichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Fukushima Prefecture), Sudo-Honke Inc. (Ibaraki Prefecture), Masuda Sake Company (Toyama Prefecture) and Kyoya Distller & Brewer Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki Prefecture) participated with their products. “Sake Samurai” Mr. Keisuke Irie has been invited to be the coordinator on the occasion to conduct lecture on sake, sake brewing techniques and sake drinking etiquettes.

H.E. Mr. Sultan Ahmed, Minister of State for Tourism graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The ceremonial opening of a sake barrel (known as kagamibiraki ceremony) was performed by Chief Guest Ahmed, Ambassador Saiki, and JCCII President Okihiro. Japanese residents and Japanese Embassy’s staff also presented glimpses of "Matsuri festival," like carrying of Omikoshi (portable shrine) accompanied by scintillating Taiko drum, Flute music performance. A large number of guests including senior officials of Government of India, businessmen, eminent cultural personalities, journalists, academicians, diplomats attended the event and felt that they were truly experiencing a colourful festival in Japan while enjoying the finest sake and exquisite Japanese cuisine.

“Matsuri” is Japan’s traditional festival celebrated in every part of Japan. People get together to relax and have fun, which create a strong social network of communities.

“Sake” is a rice-based alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin with a 2000 years history of production. Sake has been the pride of Japan and linked very closely with Japanese lifestyle. “Shochu” is a distilled spirit made from potato, barley, rice or other natural ingredients. Though it has a high alcohol content, Shochu uniquely matches with various meals.

Offering welcome drink to Guests

Sake Samurai Irie speaking on sake, brewing techniques

Japanese residents presenting Taiko drums & Flute concert

Japanese Embassy staff carrying Mikoshi (portable shrine)

Ambassador Saiki speaking at the Matsuri

Chief Guest Tourism State Minister Ahmed giving his inaugural speech

Chief Guest Tourism State Minister Ahmed, Ambassador Saiki
and JCCII President Okihiro ceremonially opening the sake barrel

Sushi Corner

A guest enquiring about the special features of sake

Japanese Food Stalls offering ramen, yakitori, tempura, etc