(A stay during which the applicant performs paid work in Japan, a stay of over 90 days in Japan, Student/researcher/engineer etc.)

When an application for visa is made for the purpose of employment, residency, etc. in Japan, it is necessary for a proxy in Japan to obtain the “Certificate of Eligibility” and for the visa applicant to file a visa application to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general by submitting the original copy of the Certificate of Eligibility.

In order to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, a proxy in Japan should make an application with the nearest Regional Immigration Services, Bureau of Immigration Services Agency to the proxy’s place of residence in Japan (an application for Certificate of Eligibility cannot be made at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

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Important information
Visa Fees
w.e.f. 1 Apr 2022
Indian nationals:
Single or multiple entry visa: Rs.550
Transit visa: Rs.50

Other nationals :
Single: Rs.2,050
Multiple: Rs.4,100
Transit visa: Rs.500

Processing Time

Requires minimum 4 working days (excluding the day of application submission) to complete the visa process.
Where to Apply

Embassy & Consulates in India
Area-wise jurisdiction

Formats of Documentation
Visa application form  (pdf)
  Sample form (pdf)
Letter of Guarantee(pdf)
Letter of Reason for Invitation(pdf)
List of Visa Applicants(pdf)other site
Overview of Company/Organization(pdf)
Schedule of Stay(pdf)
Immigration Services Agency of Japanother site