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Commencement of the Feasibility Study on the Development of Multimodal, High-Axle Load Dedicated Freight Corridors for Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah Rail Routes with Computerized Control

TOKYO: June 9, 2006

    1. Japan will undertake, June 12 onwards, the feasibility study on the development of multimodal, high-axle load, dedicated freight corridors for the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah rail routes with computerized control. This feasibility study will be implemented as a follow-up to the Japan-India Joint Statement issued on the occasion of the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi’s visit to India in April last year.

    2. On the basis of the result of this feasibility study, Japan will examine specific modality of cooperation by ODA, including the possibility of financing to the construction of freight corridors for the Mumbai-Delhi and Delhi-Howrah rail routes (total length: about 2,800 km), as well as the possibility of applying the Special Term for Economic Partnership (STEP) of yen loan, as referred to in the Japan-India Joint Statement.

    3. Commensurate with the robust economic growth, the augmentation of freight capacity in India is very much needed. Thus, enhancement of efficient transport and distribution system of goods is now imminent priority item even among various infrastructure development requirements, to which India gives high priority. Hence, this feasibility study is expected to contribute to the enhancement of efficient transport and distribution system of goods, promotion of economic activities, as well as improvement of the investment climate in India.