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Tokyo , 25 March 2005

    1. On March 25 (Fri), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed the following six persons as Special Envoys for UN Reform to engage in matters related to the UN reform until around the end of this year:

    Mr. Keitaro Sato, Ambassador in Charge of Conflict and Refugee-related issues in Africa (for Africa)

    Mr. Takaya Suto, Former Ambassador to Egypt (for the Middle East)

    Mr. Masateru Ito, Former Ambassador to Venezuela (for Latin America)

    Mr. Masaki Orita, Former Ambassador to the United Kingdom (for Europe)

    Ms. Kyoko Nakayama, Former Ambassador to Uzbekistan (for Europe)

    Mr. Kimio Fujita, Former Ambassador to Indonesia (for Asia and Oceania)

    2. The Special Envoys for UN Reform have been appointed in view of the need to work more closely with the regions concerned to gather as much support and cooperation as possible from each country for the UN and Security Council reform, to which Japan attaches the highest priority in its diplomacy.

    3. The Government of Japan has been making its utmost efforts to achieve the UN and Security Council reform, and the dispatch of the Special Envoys for UN Reform to the countries concerned is a part of such efforts.