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Press Release No.17

Bridge handing over ceremony at Haa

NEW DELHI: 14 April, 2011
Japanese Government to hand over the Chumpa and Girina Bridges at Haa Dzongkhg, Bhutan, under Japanese Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects

1. The Government of Japan will hand over the two wooden bridges at Chumpa and Girina, Haa Dzongkhg, through “The Project for Construction of Bridges at Chumpa and Girina”, under Japanese Grant Assistance Grassroots Projects, totaling US$70,702 (approximately equivalent to Nu. 31 lacs). Dr. Goki Inada, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in New Delhi, will attend the hand-over ceremony for the completion of the project in Haa, on 14th April, 2011.

2. Under the project, the two 160 meter long and 6.1 meter wide wooden bridges, which were washed away by the cyclone that happened in May 2009, were reconstructed. The bridges will help the Chumpa and Girina village communities (around 2000 population in total) and improve the access to the center of the city, which provides their economic needs and medical services.

3. The Government of Japan hopes that this grant assistance would help improve the communities’ life as well as contribute to the development of Bhutanese economy and social activities.