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Press Release No.15

NEW DELHI: August 29, 2013
Japanese Government Scholarship Send-Off Reception Held in the Japanese Embassy

On 23rd August 2013, the send-off reception for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students was held at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence.

Sixteen Indian students who won the scholarship and Embassy officials attended the reception.

At the reception, Ambassador Takeshi Yagi said, “I wish you have fruitful study and research in Japan and also have a lot of contacts with Japanese people and Japanese culture so that you become real bridges between Japan and India.”

In total, 81 Indian students have received the MEXT Scholarships through the year 2013. Out of those 81 students, 49 are going to start their higher education in Japan from September or October this year. The rest have already left for Japan in April 2013.

These 49 students will join the following programs:

- Research Students (5 students);
A program for doing Research as well as Master’s and Doctoral course

- Japanese Studies Students (16 students);
A program for college students who are majoring in the Japanese language to develop their language ability or their knowledge regarding the Japanese culture

- Teacher Training Students(2 students);
A program for teachers in elementary and secondary schools

- Young Leaders’ Program (5 students);
A program for future Asian leaders who wish to take one year Master’s degree course in English

- University Recommendation Scheme (21 students);
Programs in which the Japanese universities directly recommend applicants to the Japanese Government

For more details of the MEXT Scholarships, please see the Embassy of Japan’s website

*MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Send-off Reception