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Japan-India Relations
Press Release No.11

  Presentation of Origami Books and Demonstration of Origami at Japanese Ambassador’s residence on Friday, 21 April

NEW DELHI: April 21, 2006
    Origami is a traditional Japanese art of folding paper. By using Origami technique, one can change a paper to various forms such as crane, bow-tie, cup, rose, photo-frame, and so many others. Origami is fairly well known here in India, and Origami contests are arranged in schools and other institutions occasionally.
    Now an Indian author, Ms. Manorama Jafa, and a Japanese Origami instructor in India, Ms. Hitomi Ashta, have come out with excellent books on Origami, namely, “My Mother Taught Me Origami” and “Origami” respectively.
    At a book release function held at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence on Friday, 21 April, the above-mentioned books were ceremonially released by H.E. Mr. Yasukuni Enoki, Ambassador of Japan to India. Mr. Arjun Asrani, former Ambassador of India to Japan, graced the function as Chief Guest. At the same time, an Origami demonstration was presented by Ms. Hitomi Ashta.
    On this occasion, a young Japanese illustrator, Ms. Konomi Hoshina, was also introduced. She is engaging herself with art activities in India, and among others, has contributed to drawing illustrations for the aforementioned Origami books and picture books for children. In this connection, a picture book for differently abled children, namely, “I Don’t Like My Hair”, by Ms. Vinita Krishna, whose illustrations are drawn by Ms. Hoshina, was also presented.
    This book release is expected to broaden the perspective of Japan-India cultural collaboration and exchanges.