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Japan-India Relations
Press Release No.7

Dispatch of Patrol Vessel of the Japan Coast Guard to India

NEW DELHI: October 27, 2004

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has dispatched its patrol vessel to India in line with the Asia Maritime Security Initiative 2004 (AMARSECTIVE2004, see Annex) in order to promote international collaboration and cooperation as one of JCG’s countermeasures against piracy and maritime terrorism.

In conjunction with the dispatch of its patrol vessel, the JCG will conduct the combined exercise with the Indian Coast Guard and patrols at high sea against piracy as well as maritime terrorism.

1 Dispatch of JCG patrol vessel to India

1-1 Name of Patrol Vessel

Patrol Vessel “MIZUHO”, approximately 5,300 gross tonnages carrying two helicopters aboard, Nagoya Coast Guard Office, 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters

1-2 Ports the patrol vessel will visit:

Mumbai, India

1-3 Schedule

Sunday, October 17, 2004: Departure from Nagoya Port, Japan

Monday, November 1, 2004: Arrival at Mumbai, India

Thursday, November 4, 2004: Combined Exercise off Mumbai Port

Friday, November 6, 2004: Departure from Mumbai, India


2 Outline of the Combined Exercise (Open to the public)

2-1 Outline

Presuming that a Japanese registered ship is reported hijacked, the Indian Coast Guard and the Japan Coast Guard will carry out a combined counter-piracy exercise in the fields of radio communications, search and rescue for the attacked ship, pursuit and seizure of pirates, suppression of pirates and fire fighting. Patrol vessels, helicopters and personnel of both Coast Guards will participate in the exercise.

2-2 Date
Thursday, November 4, 2004

2-3 Exercise area
Sea area off Mumbai

3 Contact Point for the Press wising to cover the Combined Exercise

The following are contact points for the press wishing to cover the combined exercise aboard the Indian Coast Guard ship.

3-1 New Delhi

Commandant (JG) NC Pande, Deputy Director (HRD), Indian Coast Guard

Tel: +91-11-23387097

Fax: +91-11-23387926

3-2 Mumbai

    Commandant MA Warsim OIC MRCC (West), Mumbai, Indian Coast Guard

    Telefax: +91-22-24316558


1 Exchange between ICG and JCG

Year 1987

- JCG Patrol Vessel CHIKUZEN made a port call at Chennai, India as a goodwill visit. Year 1989

- JCG Aid to Navigation Evaluation Vessel TSUSHIMA made a port at Chennai, India as a goodwill visit.

Year 2000

- Director General of the ICG participated in the Regional Conference on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships held in Tokyo, Japan and paid a courtesy call to JCG Commandant.

- JCG patrol vessel SHIKISHIMA made a port call at Chennai and the 1st Combined Exercise was conducted between the ICG and the JCG.

- In conjunction with the exercise, a High Level Meeting was held between DGCG and JCG Commandant in Delhi and regular exchange between the ICG and JCG was agreed upon.

Year 2001

- ICG Patrol Vessel SANGRAM made a port call at Yokohama, Japan to participate in the JCG Sea Review in Tokyo bay. After the participation, the 2nd Combined Exercise was conducted in Kagoshima, Japan.

- In conjunction with the participation of the sea review, DGCG visited Japan to join the sea review with JCG Commandant and a High Level Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan. Year 2002

- JCG patrol vessel YASHIMA made a port call at Chennai and participated in the 3rd Combined Exercise.

Year 2003

- ICG Patrol Vessel SANGRAM made a port call at Kobe, Japan and the 4th Combined Exercise was conducted in Osaka Bay.

- In conjunction with the combined exercise, DGCG visited Japan and a High Level Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan.

2 Asia Maritime Security Initiative 2004 (AMARSECTIVE2004)

2-1 Outline of the meeting

The Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan on June 17-18, 2004, hosted by the JCG with the financial support provided by the Nippon Foundation. Representatives of 16 states and one area and 12 observers participated in the meeting to discuss various matters related to combating piracy and armed robbery against ships and maritime terrorism among Asian states. The meeting was held in response to the recent upsurge of maritime terrorism and under the circumstance of the SOLAS Convention 1974. It was the very first meeting on the topic of maritime security among Asian Coast Guard Agencies held in Asia.

2-2 Outcome of the meeting

As an outcome of the meeting, the “Asia Maritime Security Initiative 2004” (AMARSECTIVE2004) was unanimously adopted, in order to demonstrate Asian Coast Guard Agencies’ resolve to expeditiously commit coordination and cooperation in strengthening measures to combat piracy and armed robbery against ships, and other unlawful acts at sea including maritime terrorism.