What's New Press Releases from the Embassy
Japan-India Relations
Press Release No.1

NEW DELHI: February 5, 2007


1. The Embassy of Japan in India, under its scheme ‘Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects’, today decided to extend grant assistance totaling US$ 37,189 (approximately equivalent to Rs.17 lacs) to Lady Willingdon Hospital to support a medical care project undertaken by it.

    Lady Willingdon Hospital, since its establishment in 1935, is providing health care to the people of Kullu valley and Lahaul & Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh. The hospital receives around 2,500 patients every year with mainly coronary disease, and pregnant women, to be diagnosed by the ultrasound machine. However, since the existing machine is of a very old model, it cannot make accurate diagnosis of the patients’ conditions. Patients who need further examinations have to travel long distances in hilly areas to access the urban hospital, as well as incur travel expenses for it. To solve this problem, the hospital is planning a project to install a new ultrasound diagnostic machine to make more accurate diagnosis of the patients, which will also help the rural poor patients to reduce their financial burden related to medical problems.

    Realizing the need, the Embassy of Japan decided to give a grant assistance of US$ 37,189 for the project. With this project, around 25,000 patients and other people living in the targeted area will be able to get reliable diagnosis facility in the hospital.

2. The Signing Ceremony to formalize the arrangements is scheduled to take place at 15:30 hrs., on Monday, February 5, 2007, at the Embassy of Japan, between H.E. Mr. Yasukuni Enoki, Ambassador of Japan, and the representatives of the above NGO.

3. The scheme of ‘Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects’ was introduced by the Government of Japan in 1989, to provide timely assistance directly to the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) promoting welfare of the people in developing countries. Projects eligible for the grant assistance include such fields as primary healthcare, primary education, care of the handicapped people, poverty alleviation, enhancing status of women, public welfare, environment protection, etc. The Embassy of Japan and the Consulates General of Japan in Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai are in charge of this scheme in their respective regions.

4. For further information, please contact Mr. Yasushi Furukawa, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan, Telephone No. 2687-6564.