What's New Press Releases from the Embassy
Japan-India Relations
Press Release No.1


New Delhi, 24th March 2005 
The Embassy of Japan in India, under its scheme ‘Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects’, today decided to extend grant assistance totaling US$78,936 (approximately equivalent to Rs.34 lacs) to two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to support safe water projects undertaken by them. The following NGOs and projects are receiving the Grants:
Allahabad Agricultural Institute was established in Uttar Pradesh some 27 years ago. Since its inception, the Institute has trained many youth and women leaders, besides providing technical advice to rural farmers. Considering the severe water shortage, especially potable water, in some parts of Uttar Pradesh, the Institute planned a project for installation of 80 hand pumps, for which they approached the Embassy of Japan.

   Realizing the need, the Embassy of Japan decided to give a grant assistance of US$29,712 for the project. With this project, people of 25 villages in district Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh will get safe drinking water near their places.

Centre for Rural Development and Consultants Society (CRD) was formed with the objective of rural development in Rajasthan, especially focusing on water related problems. The targeted area is severely affected by drought conditions. As a result, water table goes down, shallow hand-pumps go dry, people suffer from water-borne diseases as they do not have access to safe drinking water, and also forcing people to go as far as 2-4 kms. to fetch potable water.

   To eradicate the grim situation of safe drinking water, CRD decided to install hand pumps and requested financial assistance from the Embassy of Japan for the same. To augment the efforts of CRD in providing safe drinking water to 25 villages of Tonk and Jaipur districts of Rajasthan, the Embassy of Japan decided to grant them a sum of US$49,224 for installing 75 hand pumps.

   Once the project is fully implemented, people living in these remote villages will not have to travel long distance to get safe drinking water, and it will also reduce the risk of water-borne diseases.

The Signing Ceremony to formalize the arrangements is scheduled to take place at 16:00 hrs. on Thursday, 24 March 2005, at the Embassy of Japan, between Ambassador Yasukuni Enoki and the respective representatives of the above NGOs.

The scheme of "Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects" was introduced by the Government of Japan in 1989, to provide timely assistance directly to the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), hospitals, etc., towards promoting welfare of the people in developing countries. Projects eligible for the grant assistance include such fields as primary healthcare, primary education, care of the handicapped people, poverty alleviation, enhancing status of women, public welfare, environment protection, etc. The Embassy of Japan and the Consulates General of Japan in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are in charge of this scheme in their respective regions.

For further information, please contact Mr. Akira Kido, Second Secretary, Embassy of Japan. Telephone No. 91-11-2687-6581.