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Japan Embassy in India

A creation by the Kaveri Rawal, Junior Winner

    Mr. Shimamori gave away prizes and certificates to the winners on 4th April 2008 at an impressive ceremony. The first prize winner in the senior category, Ms. Sneha Singh, was invited to Japan for 10 days under the JENESYS Program in June.

   We present here write-ups by 1st Prize Winners of the Senior and Junior category:


   Through this Painting Competition, I have learnt about Japan. A picture can say a thousand words. As they say, sometimes the journey is more important than the goal itself. I got the opportunity to explore about Japan’s culture, people, geography, and other aspects of the nation, in order to construct upon my theme.

   I have titled my painting “Bridging the Gap” wherein I have depicted a bridge which is symbolic of peace, togetherness and amity between the nations. If we intend to grow together we must strengthen this bond and must acknowledge and celebrate each other’s differences in our respective way of life.

Japan Embassy in India

A creation by the Sneha Singh, Senior Winner

    Communication is the lifeline of a relationship, be it cultural, intellectual, trade, or even personal relationship. The world has become a global village, and to keep pace with this world we need a solid support system that would help us to exchange thoughts and ideas in a quick, safe and effective manner. Waterways and airways serve as channels to keep this exchange of ideology and culture intact, in addition to fostering trade and commerce.

   I would also like to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards the Japanese Government, my school and my teachers, who have provided me with a platform to express my views on the future relations of India and Japan. I believe that these programmes are highly beneficial and encourage the youth to explore and learn about various cultures around the world and grow into mature and cooperative residents of this world.

– Sneha Singh, Student,
DPS Dwarka
- First Prize Winner
- Senior Category

   The drawing which I have made on “India-Japan Relations in Future” shows that in the future, relationship between these two countries will become so strong that the people of these countries will be interested to adopt each other’s culture, as my drawing is showing a Japanese Girl wearing a Sari and doing Bhangra, and an Indian Girl wearing a Kimono and doing Japanese Dance.

   When I was handed over the trophy of the first prize I felt so happy and excited. The people there were very nice, cooperative, and polite. We saw a few funny videos and they allowed us to take a few books. Thank you.

– Kaveri Rawal, Student,
Tagore International School
- First Prize Winner
- Junior Category