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    Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Yasuo Fukuda had a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on 9th July 2008, during the latter’s visit to Japan to participate in the G8 Summit at Toyako-lake, in Hokkaido.

    Prime Minister Fukuda welcomed Prime Minister Singh’s visit to Japan and conveyed his government’s deep condolences on the loss of Indian diplomats in the terror attack on the Indian Mission in Afghanistan on 7th July. Prime Minister Fukuda also thanked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his active contribution to the G8 Summit, in areas such as world economy, energy and food questions.

Japan-India bilateral relations

    Prime Minister Fukuda welcomed the fact that various kinds of projects are currently ongoing towards the acceleration of Japan-India bilateral relations, and pointed out that strengthening bilateral relations with India was one of the most important issues for Japan’s diplomacy, and that he would further cooperate with India in order to substantiate the Japan-India Strategic Global Partnership in areas such as regional cooperation in Asia, reform of the United Nations Security Council, climate change, and WTO.

    Prime Minister Singh stated that there was more room for further vitalization of Japan-India relations and that he would make every possible effort to invite more Japanese investments to India. Prime Minister Singh also thanked Japanese ODA to India and mentioned that Delhi Metro was a brilliant example of the success story between Japan and India, and added that he would continue to cooperate with Japan to realize the Delhi-Mumbai freight train issue and the industrial corridor between Delhi and Mumbai.

Japanese Prime Minister Mr Yasuo Fukuda welcoming Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during G8 summit

    In this connection, Prime Minister Fukuda pointed out the importance of infrastructure such as regular electricity supply for Japanese companies’ activities. In response, Prime Minister Singh stated that he fully recognized the importance of electricity and infrastructure, and would continue to make efforts towards their adequate availability. Prime Minister Singh also explained the details of the India-US Nuclear Deal and asked for Japanese support when the deal would be taken up in international fora, such as the IAEA. Prime Minister Fukuda responded that Japan would consider the issue and expected that India would respond appropriately to the concerns which Japan and international community shared.

    Prime Minister Fukuda further added that he expects Prime Minister Singh’s re-visit to Japan during 2008, and would accelerate negotiation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the two countries for the success of the next visit. Prime Minister Singh replied that he would look forward to the re-visit to Japan, and that the Indian business circles were giving strong support to EPA with Japan.

Climate Change, Energy and Food Security

    Prime Minister Fukuda expressed his intention to continue to cooperate with India on issues such as climate change, energy and food security. Prime Minister Fukuda especially mentioned that he would strive for closer cooperation with India on climate change issues.

    Prime Minister Singh responded that he respects Japan’s strong leadership on the very important issue of climate change, and would continue to cooperate with Japan on climate change, introducing India’s National Plan on climate change.

World Leaders at the G8 Summit in Hokkaido, Japan