Date Venue Entry
November 16-27, 2007 ABK-AOTS Dosokai Tamilnadu Centre, Chennai Open
Members Edo Shokunin Kokusai Koryu Kyokai (The Association of Edo Craftsmen for International Exchange)  will  visit  Chennai to hold demonstrations showcasing a range  of  handicrafts  from the  Edo   period   (1603-1867).
Woodblock prints of ukiyo-e and others that capture the daily life of people in Edo, tsumami kanzashi, a delicate hair accessory which accompanies the kimono, and beautifully painted Japanese tops will all be on display. The craftsmen will demonstrate how through precision and expert techniques, they are able to turn utilitarian objects into fine works of art. Besides at the ABK-AOTS Dosokai Tamilnadu Centre, demonstrations will also be held at local schools.