Date Venue Entry
November 21 December 5, 2007 Chatterjee & Lal Gallery, Mumbai Open
November 21 December 15, 2007 Project 88, Mumbai Open

In the two galleries in Mumbai, most of exhibits in New Delhi will be displayed and 4 other Japanese artists will contribute to the exhibition in cooperation with Indian artists as described below.

Novaia Liustra (Yoshihisa NAKANO) and Masayuki YASUHARA is received by Open Circle Trust in Mumbai. The two artists constructed a tree-house at the Ecole Mondiale World School. At the exhibition, parts of the treehouse will be displayed on a high stand to be assembled in a gallery. The artists will compile into a book all the records of activities in Mumbai into photographs and other images.

Ms. Kuri YORIGAMI is received by Kanoria Centre for Arts in Ahmadabad, the centre of textile industries in India. Ms. YORIGAMI will work together with local craftsmen, and make tables and tablecloths with embroidered motifs of Indian myths and legends.

Mr. Takahito Kimura is received by Visva Bharti University in Kolkata. Mr. KIMURA and students of a local primary school will conduct a workshop under the theme of the sensitivities of light. They will create artworks through "sunlight-streaming-trees project".

The other art contributors to the exhibition are Mr. Tomoaki Ishihara, Mr. Takehito Koganezawa, Ms. Mitsuko Miwa, Mr. Saburo Muraoka, Ms. Kyoko Murase, Mr. Masanori Sukenari, Ms. Atsuko Tanaka, Mr. Keisuke Yamaguchi.