by Pappa Tarahumara
Date Venue Entry
January 16, 2008 National School of Drama, New Delhi By Invitation/ Ticket
January 18, 19, 2008 Mumbai Open

Since its foundation in 1982, the company Pappa TARAHUMARA has offered unique spectacles under the direction of Hiroshi Koike. Their work is characterized by its oriental sense of time and motion. Music and art, created by the company members, assume their forms on stage naturally as if they were generated from the space itself. The performers move sometimes sharply and sometimes gently, like infinitely purified spirits. It is when the elements of performers, music, stage objects, and light become one that the spectacle starts generating its own poetry. Presently, in order to achieve a universality that transcends national borders, Pappa TARAHUNMARA hopes for an inter-change of ideas among peoples of the world. The recent productions are "WD", "Birds on Board", "Street of Crocodiles", "HEART of GOLD-One Hundred Solitude" and "My Blue sky".

Pappa Tarahumara adapts Anton Chekov's literary classic to the context of the Japanese countryside in the 1960s. It's seemingly sweet portrayal of three bored sisters grappling with womanhood spirals into a sensual and charged meditation on female identity, coming-of-age and the Japanese obsession with youth culture.