Feedback of the alumni

About the book

This book presents an exciting Journey of the author; I had the image of Japan as a developed nation with cutting edge technologies. However, the moment I step in it, I discover the humbleness and politeness of Japanese people along with the serene beauty of the nation.

Life comes full circle there for me as I introspect my transformation from a carefree, fun filled youngster to a grown up student.

The book is an attempt to guide students who want to study in Japan or want to take up Japanese Language as their career. Indians would get to know more in detail about Japan and its culture. The description about Indian & Japanese culture in the book would definitely help in creating a cultural relation between the two countries.

About Author

I am Archna Sharma a student of Japanese Language pursuing my M.Phil. in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). After completing my Graduation in Delhi University (DU), I did one year stint as a Junior Mombusho Scholar at Kyushu University in Japan, where I studied in detail about the Japanese Language & Culture.

I have qualified JLPT N1 in the year 2012 and had also been to Japan under JENESYS Programme as one of the premier students of MOSAI Institute of Japanese Language.

I have authored my first book, a travelogue on Japan.