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Japanese Government Scholarships
Undergraduate Students (UG) 2025

Updated on 13 June 2024

Applications closed for 2025*

List of shortlisted candidates after document screening

For details on recruitment, please refer to the following guidelines:

Level Undergraduate level leading to Bachelors Degree
Age Applicants, in principle, must be born on or after 2 April, 2000.
Fields of study (1) Social Sciences and Humanities 

Social Sciences and Humanities - A

1. Law 2. Politics 3. Pedagogy 4. Sociology 5. Literature 6. History 7. Japanese Language 8. Others (excluding “1. Economics” and “2. Business Administration” “3. Others” in Humanities B.)

Social Sciences and Humanities - B
1. Economics 2. Business Administration 3. Others (Accounting, Financial economics, etc.)

(Note) Applicants who choose “8. Others” in Humanities - A course may have difficulties in finding universities that can accept them depending on their majors. Fields of arts aiming for getting practical skills, including music, are not eligible for application.
(2) Natural Sciences

Natural Science - A
Science (1. Mathematics 2. Physics 3. Chemistry)

Electric and Electronic Studies (4. Electronics 5. Electrical Engineering 6. Information Engineering)

Mechanical Studies (7. Mechanical Engineering 8. Naval Architecture)

Civil Engineering and Architecture (9. Civil Engineering 10. Architecture 11. Environmental Engineering)

Chemical Studies (12. Applied Chemistry 13. Chemical Engineering 14. Industrial Chemistry 15. Textile Engineering)

Other Fields (16. Metallurgical Engineering 17. Mining Engineering 18. Maritime Engineering 19. Biotechnology)

Natural Science - B
Agricultural Studies (1. Agriculture 2. Agricultural Chemistry 3. Agricultural Engineering 4. Animal Science 5. Veterinary Medicine 6. Forestry 7. Food Science 8. Fisheries)

Hygienic Studies (9. Pharmacy 10. Hygienics 11. Nursing)

Science (12. Biology)

*Natural Science – C (Medicine and Dentistry) is not recruited in India.
Qualifications and Conditions In addition to the Qualifications and Conditions listed in the Guidelines, minimum of 80% marks in 12th (or 11th or 10th) grade are required.

* Preference will be given to candidates with Japanese Language proficiency.
Term of scholarship A grantee who studies at a preparatory educational institution prior to enrolling in a university:
From April 2025 to March 2030 (Including one-year preparatory education in Japanese language and other subjects, which are necessary to proceed to the university.)

A grantee who enrolls directly in a university, without the preparatory intensive courses (direct placement):
Four years (or six years for those majoring in veterinary medicine or in a six-year course in pharmacy). The scholarship period will start from the time of enrolment in the university, which the university designates.
Number of scholarships Up to 12 (Those appx. 12 applicants who successfully pass the first screening will proceed to the world-wide final screening by MEXT.)
Allowance 117,000 yen (Approx. Rs.63,300) per month
Education Fees Exempted
Traveling Expenses Round-trip airfare will be provided.
Application Documents and Forms Applications closed for 2025
Where to send the completed forms and Where to contact Applications closed for 2025*
Schedule of the First Screening *Schedule is different depending on the consulate, so please check their respective websites.
The following is the schedule of the Embassy:
Application Deadline (must): 27 May 2024
Application Screening: early June 2024
Notification of Shortlisted Candidates for Written Test/Interview (on this page): mid June 2024
Written Examination: 22 June 2024
Interview: 23 June 2024 (tentative)
Notification of the Results of the First Screening: mid July 2024

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