Studying in Japan
Japanese Government Scholarships
College of Technology (CT) for 2022

Updated on 16 June 2021

Applications closed for 2022*
The result of document screening.

For details on recruitment, please refer to the following guidelines:

About CT, please refer to the following website:

Level Undergraduate level leading to Associate Degree (Diploma)
Age Applicants, in principle, must be born on or after April 2, 1997
Fields of study (1)Choose the preferred field(s) of study from among (A) to (H) below.
Applicants may enter a first, second and third choice.
(A) Mechanical Engineering (B) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (C) Information, Communication and Network Engineering (D) Materials Engineering (E) Architecture (F) Civil Engineering (G) Maritime Engineering (H) Other Fields

(2)Choose the preferred majors element(s) from the “Name of Majors Elements” listed in the chosen field(s) of study on the Annex “Majors and Related Key Terms for Fields of Study”.
the Annex “Majors and Related Key Terms for Fields of Study”

Qualifications and Conditions In addition to the Qualifications and Conditions listed in the Guidelines, minimum of 65% marks at 12th grade are required.

* Preference will be given to candidates with Japanese Language proficiency.
Term of scholarship From April 2022 to March 2026 (Including one-year preparatory intensive courses of the Japanese language, Japanese affairs, mathematics, and other subjects needed for the preparation to proceed to a college of technology.)
For scholarship grantees majoring in maritime engineering, the scholarship period will be four and a half years, lasting up to September 2026.
Number of scholarships Up to 15 (Those appx. 15 applicants who successfully pass the first screening will proceed to the world-wide final screening by MEXT.)
Allowance 117,000 yen (Approx. Rs.82,978) per month
Education Fees Exempted
Traveling Expenses Round-trip airfare will be provided
Application Documents and Forms Application documents are described in the guidelines.
[Forms] *Do not use forms for previous years.
Application form
Certificate of Health
Sample Format of Recommendation Letter (Since board examination is postponed, a separate detailed recommendation letter [free format] from your current school shall be used to assess the candidates.)

Where to send the completed forms and Where to contact Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata (website)

(2)For students residing in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Consulate General of Japan in Chennai
No 12/1 Cenetoph Road, 1st Street, Teynampet, Chennai 600018

(3)For students residing in the remaining states and union territories

(where to send)
Embassy of Japan,
50-G, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021

Please note that applications need to be sent by post or courier.
We do NOT accept applications sent by Email.
(For inquiry)
Mr. Sinha,
Schedule of the First Screening Application Deadline (must): 28 May 2021
Application Screening: in June 2021
Notification of Shortlisted Candidates for Written Test/Interview (on this page): in June 2021
Written Examination: 18 July 2021
Interview: To be announced
Notification of the Results of the First Screening: Early August 2021

*Owing to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19, the process of screening or the date of examination may change, or the recruitment may be entirely cancelled.
Past Examination questions are available!