What's New Studying in Japan

Other Guide for Studying in Japan

1. For School Search

[Universities and Departments]

» School Search (in website “Study in Japan” by JASSO)
The "Study in Japan" website contains an Excel file that lists universities and graduate schools in terms of field, time of enrollment, examination subjects, and whether or not knowing Japanese is required. Download this and search for a university or department that suits you.

» Japan Study Support

» Japanese College and University Portraits (by The National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education)

[Specialized Training college]
» Search List of Professional Training Colleges Accepting International Students

2. For search supervisors

» CiNii Articles (by The National Institute of Informatics)
"CiNii Articles" enables you to search information on academic articles published in academic society journals, university research bulletins, or articles included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database.

» researchmap (by National Institute of Informatics)
researchmap comprehensively collects and provides data on research institutions and researchers, etc., relating to the universities and public institutions in Japan.

3. Exam for studying in Japan

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
(EJU) is an examination conducted for foreign students who wish to enroll in Japanese universities (Undergraduate), etc., with the aim of evaluating their Japanese language ability and basic academic ability required at Japanese universities and other institutions. If the school you wish to enroll in requires this exam, you need to take it.
In India, MOSAI holds this exam in June and November.