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Vanishing Points: Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition

As a part of the ongoing 'Japan-India Friendship Year', VANISHING POINTS: JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION is being held from October 12 to November 11, 2007, at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. The Exhibition is organized by the National Gallery of Modern Art (Ministry of Culture, Government of India), and The Japan Foundation New Delhi.

The exhibition presents the work of ten Japanese artists with reference to such perennial issues as the nature of the viewer and what is seen, metaphorically developing the rule of the vanishing point in the linear perspective system of perceiving images. Since the 1990s, society has been transformed by high-level information networks and globalization, making it difficult to have a solid identity or a real sense of the body. It is expected that the stance of artists who are vigorously engaged in making art and questioning subjective ways of seeing and expression will have a strong impact on artists and the public in India.

10 Japanese artists contribute to the exhibition and what makes the exhibition remarkable is some Japanese artists created their art work on collaboration with Indian artists here in India. The collaboration answers the spirits of Japan-India Friendship Year.