Ambassador's Message

Extending My Gratitude Upon The Completion of My Tenure

I spent three years and 11 months in India. During my tenure, I observed the Japan-India relations undergo a significant progress.

Even before I was assigned to India, I had been thinking that it was of utmost importance to heighten the strategic relation with India. Therefore, it was truly a joy to actually assume my charge in India and realize the strengthening of strategic partnership with this country.

Under the common idea of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” vision, the relation of strategic partners bolstered between the two countries. The agreement to institute the 2+2 ministerial meeting and the realization of the Malabar joint maritime exercise by Japan, U.S., and India on a regular basis show that cooperation in security and defense are rapidly catching up with the economic relations.

I believe that the Japanese economy would not achieve a sustained progress without the close cooperation with India.

Based on this belief, I worked on strengthening the Japan-India economic relation. Cooperation is increasing not only in the field of manufacturing and infrastructure, but also in food processing, healthcare, IT and startups. In addition to that, retail companies are expanding their business as well. The opening of UNIQLO two weeks ago is a symbolic event. I am very happy to say that many Japanese corporations are advancing into the Indian market.

I feel that Indian people are truly warm and friendly towards Japanese people. Based on this foundation, I hope that interactions of young people, Japanese language education, and tourism will further deepen and expand in the coming years.

My wife and I were mesmerized by the rich culture and natural beauty of India. We were also able to make many wonderful friends who we cherish greatly. We shall treasure these friendships. It is my earnest hope that India, which we love, would pursue its social and economic development. We wish to maintain our ties with India and further deepen our friendships.

Our next destination is Spain. I express my deepest gratitude to everyone for all the kindness and support you have extended to me during my tenure. We will never forget what India and our friends offered to us. To conclude, I wish from my heart for the happiness and success of all of you.

October, 2019

Kenji Hiramatsu
Ambassador of Japan to India

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