60th anniversary
Women Auteurs - 8th IAWRT Asian Women Festival 2012
Date Venue Entry
Mar 5, 2012 India International Centre Open
Mar 6, 2012 Alliance Francaise Open
Mar 7, 2012 India International Centre Open

This event includes films by eight Japanese women directors in the global spotlight, such as Naomi Kawase, winner of the Camera d'Or (Golden Camera) and the Grand Pix at the Cannes International Film Festival for her film Mogari no Mori (The Mourning Forest); Tsuki Inoue, whose film Daichi O Tataku Onna (The Woman Who is Beating the Earth) won awards at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France; and Hitomi Kamanaka, who won awards including the Earth Vision Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival Grand Prize for her film Hibakusha: At the End of the World.