60th anniversary
Toyama Delegation Project of Cultural Mission to India:
Japanese traditional music and dance
by Kasai Dancing Company and Kurokawa Hogakuin
Date Venue Entry
Dec 16, 2012 FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi Open

The Toyama-India Association was founded in September 2011 with the aim to deepen the mutual understanding between the people of Toyama Prefecture and India. To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Japan-India Diplomatic Relations, it undertook Delegation Project of Cultural Mission to India to introduce rich art and culture of Toyama Prefecture, Japan. The all- girl Kasai Dancing Company started their performance with “Sakura” accompanied by Mari Kurokawa on Koto.

It was followed by “Ran-byoshi” by Mari Kurokawa. It’s a unique piece of fusion of Noh theatre yells and Koto sounds.

Setsu-getsu-ka (snow, moon, flower) is often used to express the beauty of four seasons in Japan. The Japanese sensibility of beauty of falling of snowflakes, moon shining in the night sky, cherry blossoms in the moonlight expressed through the mild and subtle notes of koto music by Koto quartet, Mari Kurokawa, Gao Miyakoshi, Gako Kukoawa, Garyo Kurokawa.

Dancing to the Sounds included energetic performance of New Dance with Drums (Akebono), Matsuri (Shishi, Hanagasa, Okame Hyottoko), three popular folk songs of Owara, Kakiriko, Mugiya were performed.

The artists wore not only beautiful costumes but also used colourful props, like, sakura flowers, lanterns, umbrellas, folding fans, etc.

The fusion of the powerful drums sound to the graceful movements of traditional and modern dance enthralled the audience and took them to another world.

Kitanippon Shimbun, Toyama Prefecture, Toyama Prefectural Artistic and Cultural Association, Toyama Television Broadcasting Co. Ltd partnered with Toyama-India Association in hosting the event. It was supported by FICCI and Embassy of Japan in India.

Koto - zither like Japanese traditional musical instrument

Drums – Drums are used all around the world and have various shapes and purposes. Japanese taiko (drums) have been handed down as the instruments played in the festivals and traditional performing arts.