60th anniversary
Rabindranath Tagore , Noguchi Yonejiro, Sacchidanand Vatsayan ‘Ageya’ and Ishikawa Takuboku:
Torch Bearers of Indo- Japan cultural ties
Date Venue Entry
Mar 3-4, 2012 Indian International Centre Invitation

It is an occasion to mark the 150th anniversary of Tagore and 100th birth anniversary of Agyeya. It will also be an occasion to remember and retrospect the literary and philosophical genius of Gurudeo Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore who along with Okakura Tenshin shaped the course of revivalism in art and nationalist movement in Bengal. Tagore and Noguchi were closely associated with each other in the initial phase. Tagore followed by Agyeya was responsible for igniting the first torch which later developed into ‘a Haiku revolution’ in India. It will also be in fitness of things to celebrate as India and Japan will be commemorating 60th anniversary of Indo-Japan Cultural Relations in 2012.