60th anniversary
Poetry Reading on Hima Kii Parnakutii - Snow Viewing (O-yukimi)
Date Venue Entry
Feb 23, 2012 India International Centre, Delhi Invitation

The Indian Council for Japanese Culture (ICJC) celebrated Oyukimi - Snow Viewing Festival on 23rd February 2012 by hosting a poetry-reciting session on ‘Him kii Parnkutii’. The participants included Ms. Kuldip Kaur, Director, Directorate of Hindi, Dr Shiv Hare, Vice Chanceller, Jabalpur University, Prof. Sandeep Marwah, Asian Academy of Film & Television, Mr Lakshmi Shankar Vajpayee, All India Radio and a large number of poets, scholars, journalists, writers from India and Japan.

Mr. Ryoji Noda, Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of Japan informed that Ohanami – Cherry Blossom Viewing, Otsukimi – Full Moon Viewing and Oyukimi – Snow Viewing have equal status in Japan and Japanese people enjoy the beauty of nature through these events. While referring to no snow fall in Delhi, he said “we should not be exclusive, but inclusive”. He appreciated the efforts of Dr Raj Buddhiraja for holding these events for providing an opportunity to see similarities in our cultures. On this occasion, “Chaand ke Paar’ a collection of poems on Otsukimi compiled by Dr Raj Buddhiraja was also launched.