60th anniversary
Beautiful Daughters Exhibition by Yoko Ono
Date Venue Entry
Jan 13 - Mar 10, 2012 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi;
The Japan Foundation
and various other venues in Delhi

Yoko Ono, the world-famous Japanese artist and wife of John Lennon, is also known as a symbol of peace activities. For over half a century, she has continued in a creative capacity in such areas as avantgarde visual arts and performance, film, music and poetry. She has been highly acclaimed as a pioneer in conceptual art and continues to look for new modes of artistic expression not bound to specific fields.

The exhibition “OUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS” is Ono’s first in India and features some of her works and a performance. In addition to the presentation of the works and a visitor-participation type program at the public space, there will also be a symposium related to female issues in India.

The Japan Foundation is co-organizing the Public Art Projects of this exhibition with Vadehra Art Gallery.