60th anniversary
Annual Ikebana Exhibition
Date Venue Entry
Mar 10-11, 2012 Hotel Westin, Gurgaon Open

The Ikebana International Chapter 255, Gurgaon, India, organised its Annual Exhibition – Harmony on 10th and 1th March 2012 at Hotel Westin, Gurgaon.

On March 10th and 11th ,2012 bouquets of attractive flowers found their way to Hotel Westin, Gurgaon, in the hands of local housewives who happen to be members of the Ikebana International Chapter 255 ,Gurgaon. The occasion was Ikebana International‘s gala Annual Exhibition “Harmony“.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging flowers. Ohara and Sogetsu schools of Ikebana presented their artfully arranged flowers and foliage which put altogether a different aura to the seasonal flowers such as Dahlias, Carnations, Lilliums and Roses. Exotic flowers like Heliconias and Birds of Paradise stood regally surrounded by Bottle Brush, Duranta, Gypsophilia and Iinoleum. They were not just clusters of flowers; they were aesthetically put together in original permutations and combinations. Viewers were mesmerised by the colours and intriguing shapes of the flowers in attractive crystal, metal and earthen containers.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Hajime Hayashi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi, on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 11.30 am. He was accompanied by Mrs.Hayashi. March 11th 2012 being the anniversary of tsunami and earthquake in Japan, tributes were paid to the victims. Mr. Doi, Director General, Japan Foundation, with his wife, also graced the occasion. Mrs. and Mr. Rebuka Aloys, Ambassador of Burundi were the other distinguished guests who enjoyed the exhibition. Mrs.Indira Misra , President - Ikebana International, Gurgaon Chapter 255, formally thanked the honourable guests, participants, and last but not the least, the hotel Westin staff members who rendered every help possible.

Most of the women guests from Delhi and Gurgaon wanted to enrol with the Ikebana classes being run by Mrs. Indira Misra in Sushant Lok 1. Obviously, they were impressed by a new angle given to popular seasonal flowers.

Ikebana, in fact, is a discipline which brings peace and tranquillity in addition to joy to anyone who devotes himself to this art. One forgets one’s cares and worries while decorating a space with Ikebana arrangements. Thus, Buddhist Zen Philosophy of harmony between Heaven, Earth and Man finds expression in this Japanese art form. The exhibition at Hotel Westin was thus aptly named “Harmony”.

Footfalls continued on both the days, bringing smiles on the faces of the hotel management also, who were the co-sponsors and gracious hosts. It, indeed, was a weekend treat for the artistically inclined residents of Gurgaon!