60th anniversary
46th Annual Ikebana Exhibition
Date Venue Entry
Mar 23, 2012 India International Centre Visual Arts Gallery Open

This year Delhi Ikebana International celebrated 46 years of its existence by holding its 46th Annual Ikebana Exhibition

His Excellency Mr. Akitaka Saiki, Ambassador of Japan to India inaugurated the exhibition. This exhibition was open to public and they feasted their eyes on this beautiful art form.

Delhi Ikebana International is a non-profit organization which is involved in spreading the Ikebana art form amongst members in New Delhi. With India & Japan celebrating 60 years of their diplomatic relations, we too in our small way highlighted and emphasized this by doing two arrangements – one from Sogetsu School done by the President, Mrs. Saveena Gadhoke and one from Ohara School done by the Exhibition Chairperson, Mrs. Amrita Mankad. These two arrangements which were placed at the entrance of the exhibition along with the flags of the two nations (India – Japan) symbolized growing bond between the two great countries. The theme ‘Reach for the Stars’ was aimed at achieving excellence in all walks of life and this was represented by each member through their Ikebana arrangement.