60th anniversary
from Shimane Prefecture Japan
Date Venue Entry
Dec 3, 2012 FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi Open

The Japan-India Association, AOTS Alumni Society, Delhi, and Indian Council for Cultural Relations presented a wonderful Iwami Kagura dance performance at FICCI Auditorium on 3rd December 2012.

The origins of Iwami Kagura are unclear, but it is believed that performances began in the early part of the Edo Period. Iwami Kagura is a series of dances that are performed as a form of prayer to gods, and are accompanied by flutes, drums, and hand clapping. Originally, only Shinto priests performed Iwami Kagura, but in the Meiji Period ordinary townspeople began to perform on such occasions as annual festivals, various public events, and celebrations. There are different forms of Kagura in Japan, but Iwami Kagura is distinguished by the gorgeous and heavy costumes the performers wear, which are manually sewn with gold and silver threads, as well as by its last tempo known as “hacchoshi”, 8-beat rhythm.

Programme in New Delhi
No.1: Jin-rin – The outline of the story is about King Chuai, second son of Emperor, Yamato-Takeru taking on ferocious demon king, Jin-rin to save his subjects
No.2: Orochi – The story is about Susano no Mikoto, a warrior, killing gigantic serpent which has eight heads and eight tails to save a young beautiful woman.
No.3: Ebisu – Ebisu is the god of fishing, Daikoku is god of wealth and prosperity. It is an auspicious play, performed at wedding and well-wishing ceremonies.

The 500+ audience applauded the stunning performances and specially appreciated the skilful manoeuvring of the 14 meter long snake props. Some audience members mentioned that they could relate Orochi with the Kaliya Mardana by Lord Krishna.

The group also conducted a workshop at the Japan Foundation New Delhi on 2nd December 2012.

The colourful event was organized by Iwami Kagura Promotion Association, Hamada City, Shimane, Japan and supported by FICCI, the Japan Foundation, Shimane International Center, Hamada City and Hamada Chamber of Commerce and Industries, and Embassy of Japan