60th anniversary
Anime Con 2012
Anime workshops, Anime films, Anime shorts, Manga, Gaming Booths, Cosplay competition, etc.
Date Venue Entry
Nov 9-11, 2012 Marwah Studios, Sector 16A Film City, Noida Open

Anime Convention is the premier and only celebration of Japanese Pop-Culture in India. It’s a convention based on creating a forum and dialogue between emerging Pop-Culture mediums namely Anime, Manga, Gaming, Design and Cinema. The Convention is one of its kinds in South Asia and has participants attending the Convention from across India. The third Anime Convention took place from 9th-11th November 2012, at Marwah Studios, Film City, Noida in collaboration with Embassy of Japan, the Japanese Association and Marwah Studios.

A step forward to explore into the world of Anime, Manga, Movies, Visual-Effects and Design, the convention sought to create trans-cultural dialogue between the mediums through its Workshops, Trans-cultural Sessions, Technical Sessions, Kids Corner, Manga Talks and Gamers Paradise along with Merchandise and Performances.

The Kids Corner- a special section for the kids, featured Character Design Competition with Kazunori Hamao, Director, Wall Art Project; Video Game Contest; Storyboard Making Session with Mr. Avhiroop Mazzumdar, filmmaker and session on giving voice for anime/becoming a voice over artist with Mr.Rajkumar, theater artist. There was also an exhibition put up on The Wall Art Project, which saw a lot of appreciators.

This year the convention also showcased the latest movie ‘Children who chase lost voices from deep below’ of internationally renowned animation auteur Makoto Shinkai. This was the third year in a row when the Convention has focused and shown the works of the master establishing a deep-root lineage with his works and creating a sustainable cultural dialogue of his works in India. A discussion on the works of the master took place with leading practitioners, critics and theorist of cinema from India. Among the other movies screened were Tatsumi by Eric Khoo, Gakusei Indie Shorts, CALF Program and Avante Garde Indie Shorts: Tokyo University of Arts Programme along with animation movies from France and UK.

Homage was paid to the 25th Anniversary of Metal Gear Solid directed by the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima. A special Gallery dedicated to the game and events, treasure hunts and Panel Discussion took place for the game. The Convention also sought to understand, unravel and create a dialogue between Massive Multi-Player Online Games in the Age of Farmville conducted by Mr. Kshitiz Anand, India Head of Ecole Nantes Design School, France. A session dedicated to Indie Gaming in Japan and India was conducted by Mr. Shubhank Mauria, Senior Video Game Designer, Hungama. Audience also got the chance to talk about Manga History with Mr Kazunori Hamao and participate in Manga Drawing with Manga Practitioner Mr. Nishant Mudgal, Sr. Animator and one of the first from India to draw Mangas. Special Panel Discussion on Metal Gear Solid, Japanese Anime/Manga and an Industry Panel Discussion on Animation/Gaming in Japan/India also took place.

Anime Convention, like every year, featured a Japanese Fighting Console Game Competition, Children Gaming Competition and Retro Gaming Challenge and held Open Gaming on all three days of the Convention. Continuing with its tradition, the biggest Cosplay Competition of its kind in India was also organized along with Treasure Hunt. TokioGa, the merchandising stalls proved to be a great crowd puller as the anime fans thronged the place for the merchandise of their favorite anime.

Anime Convention in its third year, with a footfall of approximately 1800 people, is rolling towards becoming a hub and the only space in India for trans-cultural dialogue between Pop-Culture mediums and creating a unique dialogue for its future growth and dynamics in India.