Experiences of Former/Current JETs from India

In India, the JET Programme started in 1998, and 45 participants from India have so far been dispatched/are dispatched to Japan as ALTs or CIRs.
If you wish to know more about the lives and experiences of JET participants in Japan, please click on the links of former/current JETs, given below:
  1. Divya Jha (ALT/2007-2008/Hibiki High School, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  2. Richa Ogra (ALT/2006-2008/Osaka City Board of Education, Osaka Prefecture)
  3. Avneeta Kaur Gulati (ALT/2006-2007/Tagawa Board of Education, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  4. Dasari Ramesh(CIR/2017-Present/Toyama Prefecture)