The launch of an experimental project to promote cargo rail transportation in India

On January 18, Ambassador Hiramatsu participated in the launch ceremony of an experimental project initiated by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)to promote the use of cargo rail transportation in India. Ambassador Hiramatsu expressed his expectation that this experimental project would result in the reduction of transportation costs as well as environmental impact, by catalyzing the improvement of cargo rail transportation services in India, encouraging more companies in India, including Japanese companies, towards the use of rail cargo transportation.

Ambassador Hiramatsu’s speech at the launch ceremony of MLIT’s project

Ambassador Hiramatsu with

Mr. Norifumi Idee, Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Express Co., Ltd,(far left)

Mr. A.K.Behera, Executive Director, Ministry of Railways(2nd from the left)

Mr. A.Vaasudeva Rao, Group General Manager, CONCOR (far right)