Ambassador's Message
Ambassador Hiramatsu

A period of one year and four months has passed since I was appointed as the Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Bhutan. During this time, I have met a number of Bhutanese people and nurtured our friendships. It gives me a lot of delight and satisfaction to see that they have all articulated their strong feelings of goodwill and respect towards Japan.

The relationship between Japan and Bhutan has a long history of cooperation and friendship even before the establishment of our formal diplomatic relations, and this relationship is now getting even deeper. Last year marked the milestone of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Bhutan, and many events to commemorate the momentous occasion were held in both countries. In Bhutan, various cultural exchange events and sports exchange events were held. In June last year, the "Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2016" was held, and the Bonsai Exhibition took place in the Japanese garden. In addition, the “Japan Week 2016” was held in September, followed by a grand closing event in December. Especially during the period of goodwill offer for Japanese tourists, observed in honor of the 30th anniversary, about five times more Japanese tourists visited Bhutan than the previous year, and people-to-people exchanges also flourished. As such, it was an extremely meaningful year.

This year, from June 1st to 7th, Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako visited Bhutan for the first time in 20 years, as a member of the Japanese Imperial Family. It was a great privilege for me to be present as the Ambassador of Japan at such a historical juncture. During the visit, "Japan Week 2017" and "Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2017" were also held in Thimphu. Japan is now attracting even greater attention from the people of Bhutan than any time in the previous years.

With the visit of H.I.H. Princess Mako, I feel that the friendly relationship between Japan and Bhutan has deepened even more than before.

The officials of the Embassy of Japan to the Kingdom of Bhutan, including myself, reaffirm our commitment to make every effort towards developing the Japan-Bhutan relationship in a multi-faceted way. We hope that in this endeavor we can count upon your unstinted support to enable us to continue achieving tangible results, and further foster our bilateral friendship in the coming years.

Kenji Hiramatsu
Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Ambassador's Message   (02/2016)